HKPC Independent Auditor's Report and Financial Statements 2022-2023

50 生產力局 獨立核數師報告及財務報告 HKPC INDEPENDENT AUDITOR’S REPORT AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2022-23 23. INCOME TAX (continued) (d) Deferred tax assets and liabilities At the end of the reporting period, the Group had tax losses of approximately HK$1,747,000 (2022: HK$1,574,000) that are available for offsetting against future taxable profits of subsidiaries in which the losses arose. Deferred tax assets have not been recognised in respect of these tax losses as, in the opinion of the management, it is uncertain whether sufficient future taxable profits will be available against which the tax losses can be utilised. Unused tax losses (except those related to a subsidiary in China) can be carried forward without time limit. The subsidiary in China has unused tax losses of HK$86,000 (2022: HK$312,000) which will expire in five years. Under the EIT Law and Implementation Regulations, PRC withholding income tax is applicable to interest and dividends payable to investors that are “non-tax resident enterprises”, which do not have an establishment or place of business in the PRC, or which have such establishment or place of business but the relevant income is not effectively connected with the establishment or place of business, to the extent such interest or dividends have their sources within the PRC. Under such circumstances, dividends distributed from the PRC subsidiaries to off-shore group entities shall be subject to the withholding tax at 10% or a lower treaty rate. For the Group, the applicable tax rate is 10%. Deferred taxation has not been provided for in the consolidated financial statements in respect of temporary differences attributable to accumulated profits of the PRC subsidiaries amounting to approximately HK$14,268,000 (2022: HK$10,588,000). The Members of the Council affirm that the undistributed earnings of the PRC subsidiaries as of 31 March 2023 and 2022 will be reserved for the expansion of operations. Consequently, the Group has not provided for the deferred tax liabilities in respect of withholding tax on the remaining undistributed earnings of the Group’s PRC entities as the Group is capable of controlling the timing of reversal of such temporary difference, and it is highly likely that such temporary difference would not be reversed in the foreseeable future. The Group has no material deferred tax liabilities requiring recognition as at 31 March 2023 and 2022. 23. 所得稅(續) (d) 遞延稅項資產與負債: 在報告期末,集團有稅項虧損約為港元1,747,000 (2022 年:港元1,574,000)可用作抵扣該等出現虧損的附屬公 司的未來應課稅利潤。管理層認為,由於未能確定是 否有足夠未來應課稅利潤可供抵扣稅務虧損,所以未 針對該稅項虧損確認遞延稅項資產。可用作抵扣稅項 虧損(與中國內地附屬公司有關的可用作抵扣稅項虧損 除外)可無限期用作抵扣該等出現虧損的附屬公司的未 來應課稅利潤。中國內地附屬公司有關的可用作抵扣 稅項虧損為港元86,000 (2022年:港元312,000),將在 五年內到期。 根據企業所得稅法及實施條例,中國預扣所得稅適用 於向在中國境內沒有設立機構、營業場所或有設立機 構、營業場所的「非居民企業」投資者支付的利息和股 息,或雖有設立機構、營業地點,但相關收入與該機 構或營業地點沒有實際聯繫,只要該等利息或股息來 源於中國境內。在此情況下,中國內地附屬公司向境 外集團實體分配的股息應按10%或更低的協定稅率繳 納預扣稅。本集團適用的稅率為10%。綜合財務報表並 無就中國附屬公司累計溢利約港元14,268,000 (2022年: 港元10,588,000)的暫時性差異計提遞延稅項撥備。 理事會成員確認,中國內地附屬公司於2023年3月31 日和2022年3月31日的未分配盈利將預留用於擴大業 務。因此,由於本集團有能力控制該暫時性差異轉回 的時間,且暫時性差異在可預見的未來不會轉回,因 此,本集團並未就本集團中國實體剩餘未分配盈利的 預扣稅計提遞延所得稅負債。 集團於2023年3月31日和2022年3月31日並無須予確 認的重大遞延稅項負債。