Environmental Management Division (EMD)

HKPC supports both local and within the PRD region’s Hong Kong-owned enterprises with a comprehensive range of environmental management services, covering cleaner production and low carbon manufacturing, reducing environmental pollution, effective resources utilization, meeting the environmental requirements in international trade as well as supporting environmental industry development.

Cleaner Production/Low Carbon Manufacturing

HKPC has been actively supporting the industry for implementing cleaner production and low carbon manufacturing. In 2008, HKPC was commissioned by HKSAR Government to implement a Cleaner Production Partnership Programme to provide technical and financial support to Hong Kong owned factories operating in PRD to implement cleaner production measures. To date, over 1,000 factories participated in the programme and enjoyed the benefits of energy saving and emission reduction.

HKPC is accredited as a "Cleaner Production Technical Service Organization" in Guangdong Province and eligible to carry out National Cleaner Production Audit for the industry.

Reducing Environmental Pollution

HKPC provides the following pollution control/prevention services:

(i) identification and quantification of pollution sources (sampling and exhaust gas and wastewater analysis)
(ii) carrying out treatability study
(iii) designing cost-effective air pollution control and wastewater treatment systems
(iv) pollution control project supervision, commissioning and performance evaluation


We have successfully assisted a wide range of industries over the years, including electroplating, surface finishing, printed circuit board manufacturing, electronic, food and beverage, bleaching and dyeing, toy, chemical, metal products, car repair and animal farming.

Effective Utilization of Resources


Develop and provide recycling systems for chemicals, water, raw materials as well as kitchen waste recovering:

  • BM-COMBO greywater recycling system
  • DMS dual membrane wastewater recycling system
  • Food to fertilizer conversion system
  • Heavy metal recycling system
Energy and carbon audit
  • Energy audit and design of energy saving schemes 
  • Carbon audit and development of carbon emissions reduction plan
Compliance of environmental requirements in international trade

Compliance with local and international environmental regulations and product standards such as WEEE/RoHS, REACH and China RoHS.

Training and consultancy services to assist companies in meeting the ISO requirements including 14000 Environmental Management System Standard, 14064 GHG Management Standards, 50001 Energy Management Standard etc.

Carrying out supply chain management in the audit of the environmental performance of the supplying companies

Environmental Industry Development
Environmental product development
  • Development of innovative environmental products 
  • Technology transfer to environmental services providers through licensing
Environmental services business matching
  • Create business opportunities for local environmental technology service providers through Cleaner Production Partnership Programme

Green Community Facilitation

  • Development and promotion of green practices to various sectors and organizations in the community