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Approved ITF Projects


GSP/013/19 International Conference for Smart Manufacturing 2020 - Making Future from the P.A.S.T. (Predictive Analytic Smart Technology) Lead Applicant 0.55342
PRP/016/19FX To Develop a Smart Die Casting Machinery with Self-diagnosis Health Check Function for Large Size Automotive Part Manufacturing Lead Applicant 5.286
GSP/040/19 Evolution of Human Machine Interface (HMI) - Key Enabler Interacting the Era of Industry 4.0 Lead Applicant 0.531
GSP/038/19 Smart Sensor 4.0 Lead Applicant 0.609
PRP/066/19AI R&D of a 28-seat Low-Entry and Lightweight Full Electric Minibus with AI-Enhanced ADAS and Geofencing Systems Implementation Organisation 8.890
ITP/060/19AP R&D of a Vision System based on Fusion of A.I. Convolutional Neural Network and Novel 79GHz Millimeter-wave Radar for Autonomous Vehicle Implementation Organisation 2.800
SST/095/20GP Development of Contactless Elevator Control Panel Lead Applicant 1.939795
SST/173/20GP Development of Intelligent Robot with Multifunction to Assist Frontline Staff to Combat COVID-19 Lead Applicant 0.85077
GSP/031/19 GBA AI Conference 2021 Lead Applicant 0.789274
PRP/016/20FX Development of Novel High-pressure Multiphase Crystallisation Assisted by Ultrasonic, Vacuum and Electromagnetic Stirring (HMC-AUVES) Technology for Fabrication of High Mechanical Performance and Lightweight Metal Parts Lead Applicant 3.59683167
GSP/017/20 HKPC Pavilion at InnoCarnival 2020 Lead Applicant 0.918447
GSP/045/19 Promotion of the Innovative Use of Industry 4.0 Enabling Technology to Hong Kong Secondary School Students Lead Applicant 0.6875954
GSP/001/20 Promote Awareness on 5G and IoT Test Requirements Lead Applicant 0.4263286
PRP/039/20FX Development of Real-time Crack Detection System for Buildings Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Lead Applicant 2.365
PRP/067/19AI Development of High Efficiency Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid System for Electric Forklifts Implementation Organisation 7.132
PRP/035/20FX Development of Multi-material Compound Casting Technology for Fabrication of Smart, Lightweight and Highstrength Parts Lead Applicant 3.1347259
ITP/016/20AP Advanced Method of Catalytic Layer Fabrication for Reducing Platinum Loading in Fuel Cell for Automotive Application Implementation Organisation 2.756758
GSP/021/20 Quantum Leap for Metals Industries - Adopt Novel Materials and Critical Processing Technologies Lead Applicant 0.4397963
GSP/028/20 Hong Kong Tech Challenge Game 2021 Implementation Organisation 1.123605
GSP/007/20 Strengthen the Use of Anti-counterfeiting Technology for Local Health Food and Medicine Industry Lead Applicant 0.893228
ITT/034/19GX Trial: Development of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Forming and Welding Technology Lead Applicant 2.701905
ITT/031/19AI Trial: 16-Tonne Full-Electric Truck with Hook Lift for Solid Waste Collection Implementation Organisation 10.08
GSP/025/20 Create Smart District in Hong Kong Implementation Organisation 1.758324
ITP/014/20AP Development of Thermal Management System for Stability and Life Enhancement of Electric Car Battery with the Use of High Heat Capacity Phase Change Materials (PCMs) Implementation Organisation 2.0997205
GSP/027/20 Interschool Innovation and Invention Competition - Greater Bay Area Implementation Organisation 0.896914
PRP/013/21TI Development of Multifunctional Fabrics with Graphene Coating for Smart Wearable Applications Implementation Organisation 1.47
ITP/041/20AP Development of CME Flexible Metallic Fiber Physical Porous Part Fabrication Process and Machine Tools Retrofit Mechanism for 3D Lightweight and Thermal Management Auto Parts Production Implementation Organisation 3.41658
GSP/049/20 To Furnish Hong Kong Industry and Consumer Market with Smart Wearable Technologies and Transforming Manufacturing Sectors into a New Inno-Tech Cluster Lead Applicant 0.470357
PRP/086/20FX CPS-based Intelligent Ultrasonic Machining Technology with Tool Point Tracking Function for Processing Difficult-to-machine Materials Lead Applicant 3.83
GSP/032/20 Boosting Smart Manufacturing with Advanced and Intelligent Metrology Lead Applicant 0.464638
ITP/043/20AP A Flexible Machine Vision System for Decorative Surfaces of Automotive Parts Implementation Organisation 2.684036
  Sub-total: 75.60M


Total: $75.60M