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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Division

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Engineering Officer (Ref: RAD244/20) 19/10/2020
Officer (Ref: RAD238/20) 19/10/2020
Manager, Mainland Business Development and Operations (Ref: RAD239/20) 15/10/2020
Assistant Project Officer, Innovation Development (RAD240/20) 12/10/2020
Engineering Officer / Postdoctoral Researcher, AI & Robotics (Ref: RAD071/20) 06/10/2020
Assistant Engineering Officer (Ref: RAD224/20) 22/09/2020
Administration Assistant (Ref: RAD214/20) 22/09/2020
Assistant Engineering Officer (Ref: RAD213/20) 22/09/2020
Assistant Engineering Officer (RAD225/20) 22/09/2020
Assistant Engineering Officer (Ref: RAD207/20) 18/09/2020
Assistant Engineering Officer (Ref: RAD206/20) 18/09/2020
Postdoctoral Researcher, Mechatronics and Robotics (Ref: Flair183/20) 18/08/2020
Postdoctoral Researcher, Artificial Intelligence (Ref: Flair182/20) 18/08/2020
Research Assistant or Intern Engineer, Robotics (Ref: Flair181/20) 18/08/2020
Research Assistant or Intern Engineer, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (Ref: Flair180/20) 17/08/2020
Senior Engineer, Electrical and Electronics (Ref: Flair160/20) 30/07/2020
Data Scientist (Ref: Flair159/20) 30/07/2020
Consultant, Intelligent Automation Solution (Ref: RAD097/20) 21/05/2020
Associate Consultant, AI & Robotics (Ref: RAD083/20) 08/05/2020
Engineering Manager/Project Manager, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics System (Ref: SMD239/19) 24/03/2020
Senior Data Scientist (Ref: Flair237/19) 19/03/2020
Algorithm and Software Engineer/ Researcher, Artificial Intelligence (Ref: Flair308/19) 19/03/2020
Senior Engineer/ Researcher, Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Ref: Flair236/19) 19/03/2020
Senior Engineer/ Researcher, Electrical and Control (Ref: Flair240/19) 19/03/2020
Unit Head, Intelligent Robotics and Automation (Ref: SMD034/20) 03/03/2020
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