Five HKPC support initiatives for HK companies amid escalated trade conflict

With the US-China trade conflict escalating, HKPC is concerned about its impact on local businesses. It will work closely with the HKSAR Government and various organizations to offer help in the following five areas:

1.   HKD 2 million - BUD Fund to help expand sales into ASEAN countries and Mainland China
BUD Fund to help expand sales into ASEAN countries and Mainland China. Domestic sales and ASEAN projects can receive up to HK$1 million respectively

2.  HKD 500K training grant - Prepare your business for i4.0 smart manufacturing
Enterprises can receive the Government training grant up to HKD 500K per year to finance their i4.0 professional training needs

3. RMB 390K - Government support from the Greater Bay Area for your business upgrading and transformation needs
Apply for business upgrading and transformation support from Dongguan, Zhongshan and Zhuhai Municipal Governments (Chinese only) to receive up to RMB 390K

4. Expand sales and production overseas
Our experts are ready to offer you technical support in automation and cleaner production to ensure compliance with local regulations

5. One-stop information centre
Keep abreast of the latest news in support measures and watch out for our free seminars on risk mitigating strategies for the trade conflict from our SME One centre

Support hotline: 2788 6262
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