Name of the Client

Smartplan Industrial Co Ltd 

Client's Profile

A professional packaging manufacturer that creates and formulates custom packaging for some famous brand watches for presentation on OEM projects which are well accepted by customers in Asia and Europe. 

Client's Needs
  • ISO14006:2011 is an emerging international environmental management system for those enterprises who would like to have an identity to be recognized as a green manufacturers with eco-design element throughout the entire product life cycle.
  • Smartplan needed to benchmark with this standard to enhance their capability in realizing and implementing eco-design and manufacturing, as well as overall operation management system in compliance with ISO 14006. This could help them to become a worldclass manufacturer in the global industrial market.
Our Solutions
  • To help Smartplan to achieve the ISO 14006:2011, HKPC provided a series of training and advises on ISO 14006 requirements, elaborating the relationship between ISO 9001, ISO 14062, ISO 14001 and ISO 14006, implementation tool usage guideline and audit requirements, regulations, etc. aiming to transfer the expertise and proficiency on implementing ISO 14006.
  • HKPC assisted Smartplan to establish the ISO 14006 environmental management system in compliance with all the technical and managerial requirements of ISO 14006 including demonstration of eco-design implementation tool with evidence of showing detailed life cycle analysis (LCA).
  • HKPC assisted Smartplan to successfully go through the ISO 14006:2011 certification audit conducted by an international recognized certification body and towards the achievement to be the first company with ISO 14006:2011 Certification in Hong Kong.
Value Created
  • By successfully implementing the ISO 14006:2011, Smartplan becomes the first certified packaging manufacturer in Hong Kong engaging in the international packaging business along the supply chain as well as become the worldclass packaging manufacturer.
  • By demonstrating the best practice in the industry, Smartplan can significantly enhance the overall operation management system in benchmarking with ISO 14006 together with the quality & productivity of their packaging products.
Implementation of an International Eco-design & Manufacturing Standard of ISO 14006:2011
Implementation of an International Eco-design & Manufacturing Standard of ISO 14006:2011