Name of the Client

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) 

Client's Profile

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department undertakes to deliver professional, reliable and cost effective services for government departments and public institutions in Hong Kong, to provide a regulatory framework to ensure the safety of the public in electrical, mechanical and gas engineering areas. 

Client's Needs

Devised the functional requirements for the retrofitting work and followed up the testing of the RCVs.

Our Solutions

Having liaised with EMSD, HKPC has worked out the functional requirements of RCVs and explained the details to the RCV maintenance contractors. HKPC has also participated in the on-site testing and commission work for the retrofitted RCVs to ensure the requirements as stated in the checklist could be met.

Value Created

This project allows the Council to have a better understanding on the recycling industry in Hong Kong, which in turns help the Council to establish the supporting platform in this field.