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Life Prediction on the Platform Screen Door System

Name of the Client

Industry type: Railway Transportation System 

Client's Profile

The Client operates the Mass Transit Railway System in Hong Kong. 

Client's Needs

Increasing failure incidents observed - As most Screen Doors have been installed for more than ten years, increasing failure incidents were observed by maintenance team. Formulate maintenance strategies - Analyse the failure data on the existing Screen Door system to formulate their maintenance strategies on the system for coming one to two years base on the analysis findings.

Our Solutions

A numerical life data analysis was conducted based on the field failure data provided by Client. The probability of failures, the predicted number of failures and the remaining life of the two most critical components of the system were estimated. Overhaul replacement cost and corrective maintenance cost for coming few years were estimated for the client. Client was able to develop a maintenance strategy based on the calculated data. 

Value Created
  • Optimum parts replacement and system maintenance schedule were derived, maintenance cost was reduced.
  • Efficient planning in spare parts inventory.