HKPC SME One Fund Fair 2019

HKPC's first-ever "SME One Fund Fair" has made a splash in the HKPC Building on 16 to 17 September. Thanks to the tremendous support of various parties, the event recorded a huge turnout of about 12,000 times of visitors, making this two-day event a high point of the year.

Comprising three zones, namely "Finance and Business Development", "Startups and Innovation Industry", and "GBA and Specific Industries", representatives from as many as 50 funding schemes offered by the governments and public organisations in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area (GBA) (Dongguan, Zhongshan and Zhuhai) joined the fair, providing one-stop information for local SMEs and startups. Other concurrent activities included advisory services, success case sharing and seminars. From financing, business upgrade and transformation, technology R&D to new market development, the spotlight event enabled SMEs to know more about the funding schemes that best fit their needs.

Please visit this website for an overview of the funding schemes and seminar details, as well as a recap of the event highlights.

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SME One Fund Fair 2019

Funding Schemes Details

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Presentation Materials (Chinese only)

金融及商業發展 - 專題會議
紓緩貿易風險 - 信保局特別支援措施 (講者:香港出口信用保險局經理張慧儀女士)


大灣區業務拓展 - 研討會
拓展內地、東盟必備 - BUD專項基金 (講者: BUD 專項基金執行機構高級經理葉沃建先生)


初創及創新工業 - 研討會
1. 中小企業信貸保證計劃 (講者:工業貿易署行政主任何采蓉女士)
2. 工商機構支援基金 (講者:工業貿易署助理貿易主任林萱如女士)
3. 中小企業市場推廣基金 (講者:工業貿易署經理黃穎萱女士)
躍動初創 - 企業飛躍計劃 (LEAP) (講者: 香港科技園公司企業加速器經理梁嘉穎女士)
保障您的發明 - 專利申請資助計劃 (講者:專利申請資助計劃執行機構經理伍庭欣女士)


專門行業 - 研討會
融匯科技 創建香港 - 建造業創新及科技基金 (講者:建造業議會助理總監–財務及註冊事務李藹恩女士)
推動回收 持續發展 - 回收基金 (講者:回收基金秘書處高級經理李觀裕先生)


金融及商業發展 - 研討會
科技應用 - ReTAAS 知多少?零售業人力需求管理 科技應用資助計劃 (講者:ReTAAS執行機構經理麥廸倫先生)
科技應用 - 低於七折使用科技服務和方案 - 科技券 (講者:創新科技署經理(創新及科技基金)曾素珊女士)
HKT分享 - 怎樣透過數碼轉型提高營運效能 (講者:香港電訊有限公司商業客戶產品及市務高級經理葉安迪先生)
大灣區金領航服務 助您穩操勝券 (講者:香港生產力促進局高級顧問盧威林博士)