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Approved ITF Projects


ITS/504/18FX Development of Innovative Containerised System for In-situ Recycling of Food Waste Lead Applicant 2.121175
GSP/001/19 Create@ China Award – Hong Kong Region 2019 Lead Applicant 0.7878445
ITT/002/19GX Trial: Application of Plasma Light Technology in Indoor Hydroponic Grow Light Lead Applicant 3.200
ITT/004/19GX Trial: Development of Innovative 3D Metal Printing Technology - Hybrid Laser Energy Deposition and Milling (HLEDM) Lead Applicant 4.9778776
ITP/085/18AP Development of Visible Light Anti-bacteria and Anti-odor Coating Materials for Vehicle Interiors Implementation Organisation 2.303447
ITT/010/19GP Trial: Development of an Innovative Compact 2-Stage Membrane-Coupled Anaerobic Digestion System for Decentralized Treatment of Food Waste to Generate Biogas Lead Applicant 1.774000
ITT/002/18AP Trial: Laser-assisted Progressive Forming (LAPF) Process for Fabrication of High Strength and Lightweight Automotive Parts Implementation Organisation 2.8139874
ITS/236/18FX Development of Crucibleless Gas Atomisation (CLGA) Technology for Production of Quality 6000 Series Aluminium Powder Lead Applicant 1.76683695
GSP/018/19 To Promote Gerontechnology by Connecting STEM Application Platform Lead Applicant 0.4846692
GSP/015/19 Compose and Disseminate a Techno-economic Study on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Development in Hong Kong - Driving Hong Kong to be the International Innovation & Technology Hub Lead Applicant 0.908416
GSP/011/19 The 15th Electronic Circuits World Convention (ECWC15) Implementation Organisation 0.89752
PRP/040/19FX Development of Co-Powder Injection Moulding and Co-Sintering Technology for Complex Multi-Materials Parts Lead Applicant 2.888908
PRP/038/19FX Development of i4.0-based Digitalisation Technology for Metal Processing Lead Applicant 3.342
GSP/017/19 Industry-wide Promotional Campaign on Blockchain for Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Applications Lead Applicant 0.650
PRP/027/19FX Development of a Real-Time Data-Driven Process Analytical Technology (PAT) based Novel System for Digitalization and Smartification of Sodium Aescinate Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead Applicant 4.374
ITT/007/20TP Trial: Develop a Knowledge Based 3D Shoe Design, Patterning and Mass Customization System to Strengthen the New Product Development Capability - Phase II Implementation Organisation 1.315
ITT/023/19AI Trial: New Generation Advanced Driver Assistance System Implementation Organisation 1.523
GSP/049/19 STEM Education in Robot Coding and Create a World Record of Mass Programming Lead Applicant 1.399
ITP/021/19AP Development of Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding (RFSSW) Technology and Retrofit Equipment for Dissimilar Materials Components Joining in Lightweight Vehicles Implementation Organisation 3.402
ITS/337/19FP Development of a Laminated Fluidized Foaming and Shelf Life Prediction Technology for Production of Degradable, Light Weight and Thermo Insulation Plastic Disposable Products Lead Applicant 3.28911
GSP/014/19 Exploring Manufacturing Opportunities of Value-added Products with Advanced Machining and Surface Structuring Technologies for New Materials Lead Applicant 0.4067963
ITP/045/19AP Development of Accumulative Roll Bonding Technology for Production of High Strength, Lightweight Vehicle Component with Low Cost Metals Implementation Organisation 2.598
ITT/024/19AI Trial: Development of New Generation Advanced Motorcycle Electronic Fuel Injection System Implementation Organisation 1.876460
  Sub-total: 49.10M


Total: $49.10M