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Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund


T19001002 Developing the Guidebook for "Reindustrialization in Hong Kong and Opportunities and Limitation for Hong Kong Enterprises entering to ASEAN" Lead Applicant 3.734
T18004008 To Extend the Reach in Belt and Road Markets for Hong Kong Eyewear Industry Implementation Organisation 2.887514
T18004006 To Excel HK SMEs' Competitive Advantages by Digital Lean for Building up the Foundation of Industry 4.0 Enterprises Implementation Organisation 1.406619
T18004007 Promoting Hong Kong Watch Components and Complete Watches as a Perfect Integration of Technology and Fashion in the Greater Bay Area Implementation Organisation 2.46258
T19001005 Hong Kong Invention Implementation Organisation 2.803617
T19001011 To Facilitate Hong Kong Product Sales in Domestic and Mainland Markets through Enhancement of the Public Recognition and Superiority of "Hong Kong Q-mark" and Its Product Certification Scheme in Greater Bay Area Implementation Organisation 2.43504
T19001014 To promote the fiber-reinforced plastic processing machinery of Hong Kong plastic machinery manufacturers to automotive industry in China Implementation Organisation 2.829
T19003016 To Enhance the Competitiveness of Hong Kong's Educational Technology (EdTech) Industry through the Promotion of Their Technical Capability in Global Market Implementation Organisation 1.421
T19003012 A Programme to Boost Mainland China Market on Smart Apparel Machinery with Highlights on Recent Technological Advancement Implementation Organisation 4.066
T19002018 Supporting Entrepreneurs and Start-ups of Hong Kong to Realize the InnoTech Business in the Greater Bay Area Implementation Organisation 2.731266
T19002015 To Illustrate Technical Strengths of Hong Kong Footwear SMEs to Potential Asian Markets Implementation Organisation 3.140301
T19002013 Promotion of High Quality Products of Hong Kong Nonwovens Industry in Mainland China and ASEAN "One Belt One Road" Markets Implementation Organisation 1.707544
T19002010 Promoting Smart Manufacturing Capability for Screw & Fastener Industry Using Multi Tasks and Multi Station Technologies to High Value-Added Alternative Markets Implementation Organisation 3.733686
T19003021 To Enhance the Competitiveness of Hong Kong’s Opto-mechatronics SMEs in Capturing the Business Opportunity and Promoting Technical Capability in Emerging Opto-mechatronics Markets Implementation Agent 2.450839
T19003020 Development of strategies and opportunities to explore markets in the Greater Bay Area for the testing and certification industry in Hong Kong Implementation Agent 2.078
T19003010 Create and develop a new B2B model for Hong Kong footwear industry through Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) marketing Implementation Agent 2.051
T19003009 Enhancing Cross-Sector Collaboration to achieve better competitiveness in the Greater-Bay Area Implementation Agent 2.277
T19003005 Enter the Era of Smart Retail Implementation Agent 0.985
  Sub-total: 45.20M


Total: $45.20M