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Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund


T19004001 To promote "Made in Hong Kong" high quality and safe food in expanding domestic sale and market in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) Implementation Agent 1.569
T19004007 To enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong fur industry by promoting its capability to potential buyers in Asia and Russia Implementation Agent 1.931
T19004003 To promote Hong Kong electro-plating merchants' advanced electroplating and surface finishing technology to the high-value-added product markets in the Greater Bay Area and Yangtze River Delta Area Implementation Agent 3.028
T19004010 Assist Hong Kong Elderly Industries to explore Gerontech Development Trends and Expanding Their Markets by Participating in International Exhibitions Implementation Agent 2.517044
T19004008 To Expedite Business Growth through Franchising Activities Implementation Agent 1.743914
T20001022 Product and Service Innovation in Aviation Industry: A Key to Strengthening Hong Kong's Status as an Internatinoal Aviation Hub Implementation Agent 2.51703
T20001023 To Promote the Capability of Hong Kong Fashion Designer Labels and to Showcase Hong Kong's Diversified Fashion Designs and Technical Strengths to Potential Buyers Implementation Agent 1.78335
T20001003 An Industrial Survey of Laundry Service Industry for the Sustainable Development and Digital Transformation in Hong Kong Implementation Agent 0.705276
T20001004 To Extend Business Opportunities in the Second-tier Cities of the Mainland by Setting up "Technology & Craftsmanship & Creativity Pavilion of Hong Kong Jewellery Industry" in Jewellery Exhibitions Implementation Agent 2.569284
T20001029 Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industry Enters ASEAN through Online and Offline Implementation Agent 2.208204
T20002016 To Promote Smart-embedded Hong Kong Product Design for Caring Community in Greater Bay Area Implementation Agent 3.561705
T20002018 A Campaign to Boost Belt & Road Markets of Automotive Parts with Outstanding Technology and Quality Implementation Agent 3.979699
T20002019 To Enhance the Recognition of Hong Kong Original Toys - Creative Design with Cutting Edge Technology through the Exhibition and Offline Retail Experiences in Hong Kong Implementation Agent 2.453905
T20002015 Promote Hong Kong New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Industry to the Asia Pacific Market Implementation Agent 2.506574
T20002014 To Promote the Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) Technologies, Enhance the Competitiveness of Hong Kong Companies in Automative and Elecctronics Industry Implementation Agent 2.257985
T20003011 A Campaign to Drive Technology and Business Cooperation among Manufacturing Enterprises of Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area for Effective Mainland China and Overseas Market Exploration with Technology Showcases and Business Networking Sessions Implementation Organisation 1.444992
  Sub-total: 36.42M


Total: $36.42M