invisibLED – Quality Eco Lighting System

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To tackle the problem of glare in LED lighting, HKPC successfully developed a high-quality and environmentally friendly lighting system – "InvisibLED" to avoid glare by hiding LED in the reflector. InvisibLED adopts CAE designed and optimized reflectors which are customized by freeform facets aligned in grid. With more even illuminance distribution on the target plane, the system can be applied in retail lighting and office lighting respectively.

invisibLED Features
  • Adopting LEDs and CAE designed non-glare freeform reflectors to achieve optimized light intensity, high energy efficiency and evenly distributed light pattern; 
  • Applied in retail lighting and office lighting respectively with tailor made freeform reflectors;
  • Makes the lighting fixture design more flexible, compact and elegant via module design concept;
  • Capable to enhance the value-added content of your lighting products and to increase your market competitiveness.
Benefits of invisible
  • CAE optical design & optimization
  • Free of glare
  • High lighting efficiency
  • Modular concept
  • Compact fixture
  • Freeform reflector 
  • Evenly distributed light pattern
  • Energy saving 
  • Elegant lighting design
  • Longevity 
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Office Lighting Reflector
Office Lighting Reflector
invisibLED fixture for retail lighting
invisibLED fixture for retail lighting
Showcase using invisibLED
Showcase using invisibLED