Administered by HKPC, the HKPC Academy offers public training programmes, workshops, study missions and customized corporate training services for diversified sectors. The programmes and services are tailor made to the needs of industry, enterprises and individuals. The latest training programmes are as follows:

Course Name Commencement Date
Hygiene Manager Training Course (Apr 19) 24 Apr 2019
Team Leadership and Motivation Skills 24 Apr 2019
Developing a Happy and Performing Team Skills 26 Apr 2019
Effective Time and Meeting Management Skills 03 May 2019
Risk Management – Business and Regulatory Risk: Insurance Technology (InsurTech) regulatory development and application 03 May 2019
Certificate in Big Data, AI and Predictive Analytics 07 May 2019
Artificial Intelligence – Data Science in Python 09 May 2019
Industry 4.0 - Industry Practitioner Development (Toys Industry) 10 May 2019
全方位社交媒體經營與實戰 11 May 2019
Certificate in Digital Storytelling 14 May 2019

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