Administered by HKPC, the HKPC Academy offers public training programmes, workshops, study missions and customized corporate training services for diversified sectors. The programmes and services are tailor made to the needs of industry, enterprises and individuals. The latest training programmes are as follows:

Course Name Commencement Date
Certificate Course in Radiation Protection 06 Jul 2018
Big Data Analytic Essential for Smart-City 09 Jul 2018
Diploma in Creation & Culture of Picture Book 09 Jul 2018
Business Process Improvement 12 Jul 2018
Workshop Series on "Important Legal Knowledge for New Economy" - Legal Knowledge for Digital Media Promotion 13 Jul 2018
Achieving Consistent Success: Project Management Essentials 17 Jul 2018
Biz-Kanosophy 經營折術 17 Jul 2018
Change Management 17 Jul 2018
PowerMind Workshop One: Blind Spot on Business Decision and Judgement Skills: “Black Swan” and “Gray Rhino” Effect 19 Jul 2018
Team Exercise for Change: Critical Thinking, Analytical and Problem Solving 20 Jul 2018