HKPC Independent Auditor's Report and Financial Statements 2022-2023

13 生產力局 獨立核數師報告及財務報告 HKPC INDEPENDENT AUDITOR’S REPORT AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2022-23 1. COUNCIL AND GROUP INFORMATION (continued) Agreement related to Hong Kong Industrial Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Centre Limited (“FLAIR”) FLAIR was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee with the Council as the sole member. FLAIR aims to develop innovative solutions on artificial intelligence and robotics technologies to facilitate the intelligent manufacturing for Hong Kong enterprises. Although the Council is the sole member of FLAIR, the Council has not consolidated the results of FLAIR since under the terms of the agreement entered into with the Government, the Council is not exposed to, and does not have the rights or the power to affect variable returns from its involvement with FLAIR. Hong Kong Productivity Council Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Centre (Futian) (“SITC”) SITC was formed as an institution with the Council as one of the founders of SITC. SITC aims to provide non-profit making public services relating to the application of innovation and technology and support the development of the Greater Bay Area. According to the relevant law and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, an institution has no shareholders or members, accordingly no profits can be distributed to the Council. As the Council is not exposed to, and does not have the rights or the power to affect variable returns from its involvement with SITC, the Council has not consolidated the results of SITC. 2. ADOPTION OF HONG KONG FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARDS (“HKFRSs”) (a) Adoption of new/revised HKFRSs – Effective 1 April 2022 Amendments to Hong Kong Accounting Standards (“HKAS”) 16 Property, Plant and Equipment – Proceeds before Intended Use Amendments to HKAS 37 Onerous Contracts – Cost of Fulfilling a Contract Amendments to HKFRS 3 Reference to the Conceptual Framework Annual Improvements to HKFRSs 2018 – 2020 Amendments to HKFRS 1 – First-time Adoption of HKFRS; Amendments to HKFRS 9 – Financial Instruments; Amendments to HKAS 41 – Agriculture; Illustrative Examples Accompanying HKFRS 16 The new or revised HKFRSs that are effective from 1 April 2022 did not have any material impact on the Council’s accounting policies. 1. 生產力局和集團資訊(續) 與香港工業人工智能及機械人研發中心(“FLAIR”) 的相關協議 FLAIR是一家擔保有限公司,而生產力局則為FLAIR的唯 一成員。FLAIR致力於開發創新人工智能與機械人解決 方案,促進香港企業發展智能製造。 儘管生產力局是FLAIR的唯一成員,但根據與政府簽訂 的協議條款,生產力局不會享有可變回報的權益,並 不能透過其對FLAIR的權利及權力影響此等回報。因此 生產力局並未合併FLAIR的報表。 香港生產力促進局深圳創新及技術中心(福田) (“SITC”) SITC是一個事業法人單位,而生產力局則為SITC的創辦 單位之一。SITC致力於提供創新科技應用相關的非牟利 公共服務及推進大灣區的發展。 根據中華人民共和國有關法律法規,事業法人單位是 沒有股東或成員,因此不得向生產力局分配利潤。由 於生產力局不會享有可變回報的權益,並不能透過其 對SITC的權利及權力影響此等回報。因此生產力局並 未合併SITC的報表。 2. 應用香港財務報告準則(「香港財務報 告準則」) (a) 應用新訂╱經修訂香港財務報告準則 – 於 2022年4月1日生效 香港會計準則第16號 之修訂 物業、廠房及設備 – 作預期 用途前的所得款項 香港會計準則第37號 之修訂 虧損合約 – 履行合約之成本 香港財務報告準則 第3號之修訂 參考概念框架 香港財務報告準則 2018年至2020年 之年度改進 香港財務報告準則第1號 – 首次採用香港財務報告準 則、香港財務報告準則第 9號 – 金融工具、香港會計 準則第41號 – 農業及香港 財務報告準則第16號 – 說 明性案例的修訂 於2022年4月1日生效的新訂或經修訂香港財務報告準 則對生產力局的會計政策並無重大影響。