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Phishing Defence Services

  • Simulating phishing attacks (including crafting and sending deceptive emails to employees of the targeted organisation) and suggest actionable decisions based on employee responses
  • Help employees understand different forms of phishing attacks, including identifying features, avoiding clicking malicious links, or leaking sensitive data in malicious forms
  • Measure and evaluate employee compliance and behavior during phishing drills
  • Increase employee engagement with security initiatives and improve their cybersecurity behaviors and awareness
Core Competence

Based on HKCERT’s leading experience in handling phishing email attacks against Hong Kong, the latest attacks will be simulated during the drill exercise, allowing participants to better understand the attackers' latest techniques.

Target Sectors


Service Details
  • Phishing Awareness Training Program
  • Phishing Campaign / Scenario Design
  • Phishing Drills
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Phishing Drill Exercises
Phishing Drill Exercises
Phishing Drill Exercises
Phishing Drill Exercises