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Conformal Cooling Technology Centre


In challenging business environment, many enterprises especially SMEs in mould manufacturing seek economical technology solution to produce high-precision and efficient tooling in order to step into high value-added market with higher margin. Conformal cooling technology can effectively improve the design and efficiency of cooling channels which result in shortening injection moulding cycle, improving injected parts quality and enabling manufacturers to explore high-precision product market.

Conformal Cooling Technology Centre
Conformal Cooling Technology Centre


Conformal Cooling Technology Centre (CCTC) integrates Hybrid Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Diffusion Bonding (DB) and Thermal Brazing & Coating (TBC) technologies to offer innovative solution on "Tooling Thermal Management" for enhancing moulding efficiency. In addition, the Centre equips with advanced Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) technology to ensure the intricate cooling channel design is right the first time!


Diffusion Bonding (DB)
Diffusion Bonding (DB)

  • To provide highly efficient and economical conformal cooling channel solution to the industry
  • To provide technical evaluation on mould design for identifying the application areas of DMLS, DB and TBC
  • To provide technical design input for mould insert with conformal cooling channel built
  • To provide CAE analysis for conformal cooling channel design
  • To provide cross technology integration for fabrication of mould insert with conformal cooling channel
  • To provide technical support for plastic injection moulding process parameter setting and optimization for the fabricated mould insert with conformal cooling channel
  • To provide 3D metal printing service for high precision critical components by DMLS

Technology Update

Hybrid Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

  • Additive manufacturing through laser sintering of metal powder
  • Good dimensional accuracy and surface finish by high speed milling
  • Mould with 3D conformal cooling channel fabrication


Diffusion Bonding (DB)

  • Solid-state joining technique
  • Atom diffusion through contact interface
  • Mould with 2.5D conformal cooling channel fabrication


Thermal Brazing & Coating (TBC)

  • Larger mould with 3D conformal cooling channel fabrication
  • Economical approach with better cooling efficiency and uniformity


CAE Simulation

  • Analyze and optimize conformal cooling channel design before mould insert fabrication
  • Avoid mould design changes to shorten product development leadtime
  • Estimate high temperature zone, mobility and cooling rate of moulded part
Thermal Brazing & Coating (TBC)
Thermal Brazing & Coating (TBC)