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Intellectual Property Services Centre


Information of IPSC

The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) established the Intellectual Property Services Centre (IPSC) as a crucial link in fostering the development of high value-added industries and to streamline product innovation process in Hong Kong. The aim is to assist local companies and inventors to capitalize on their intellectual works through patent, trademark and industrial design registrations, thereby protecting their intellectual rights. Services in these areas are provided by HKPC in co-operation with professional parties in IP areas.

Intellectual Property Services Centre
Intellectual Property Services Centre

Patent Application Grant (PAG)

The PAG information webpage migrated to new website on 16 September 2022.

Consultancy Services

Patent Search and Analytics

The collection and analysis of patent intelligence plays a vital role in new product and technology development. By performing IP Search, you not only can assess the patentability of your innovation but also minimise the risk of unintentional infringement.

By doing patent analytics, enterprises can master the latest development of relevant technology area, that helps enterprises to plan for the research direction, to evaluate the market potential of the new invention. We offer various search options including:

  • Subject Search
  • Company/Assignee Search
  • Patent Family Search
  • Legal Status Search
  • Inventor Search
  • Novelty Search
  • Prior Art Search
  • Application Number Search

Furthermore, we can customize the format of analytic report according to your specific requirements. Our database covers most of the major countries for the most up-to-date patent information that facilitates you to find equivalent patents information in familiar language rather than spend extra costs and time on foreign patent documents.

IP Protection

Huge labour effort and capital will be involved throughout your R&D process. IP application is a vital step to protect your intellectual works.  We work closely with patent attorneys in local and overseas to provide professional IP protection services including patent specification drafting, document translation, patent and design application, renewal, maintenance and other related protection procedures.

IP Management Consultancy

In accordance with your company's operation and special needs, we provide intellectual property consultancy services and answer your enquiry related to IP issues.  Also, we offer an advisory services to the enterprises on intellectual property management and improvement of intellectual property management system.  This helps the enterprises to make an accurate decision on business operation or management strategy, make effective use of their IP portfolio to maximize its potential value.

IP Training

We collaborate with IP professional bodies to offer different kinds of training programmes:
Course of Certificate of IP Laws and Practice is lectured by experts and attorney of IP, it focuses on the fundamental knowledge on IP management for enterprises, including the law and practice of different types of IP (patent, trademark, industrial design and copyright). Learners will be issued a training certificate upon completion of the course. We also organize the IP search workshop and participants can understand the IP database of different countries and the basic technique on IP search.