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Smart Wearables, Watch and Clock

Smart Wearables, Watch & Clock Technology Centre
Smart Wearables, Watch & Clock Technology Centre

Smart Wearables, Watch and Clock Technology Centre provides a comprehensive range of consultancy and support services for the smart wearables, watch & clock industry. The Centre offers not only over 50 different independent testing services for traditional quartz and mechanical watches in compliance with international & Swiss standards, but also the smart wearable testing services, including the performance testing of devices for measuring steps, heart rates, blood pressure and oxygen content in blood.

Instrument of Testing Centre 



Water-resistance Testing System 1) ROXER PX80 Water Pressure Tester 水壓測試儀
2) SHEL LAB1225 Temperature controlled water bath  控温恒溫水箱
3) Roxer, PR1 Heating Plate for Condensation test 熱板作凝聚測試
4) Roxer, PV 25 Watch Case Leakage Tester 表殼洩漏測試儀
Chronograph Aging Test / Pusher Aging Test Chronofiable CP07
Magnetic Field Resistance Testing System 1) MMT MFG01 Magnetic Field Tester 磁場測試儀
2) MI  912 Gaussmeter 高斯計 (磁場量度儀)
Shock Resistance Tester ISA France 30
Chronofiable IT02
Impact Tester
Falling Steel Ball Tester for Watch glass Chronofiable FB02
Abrasion Resistance Tester Polyservice D6
Ageing cycles on bezel ring Chronofiable CR
Torque measurement device for watch crown 1) MECMESIN AFTI
Traction Tester 1) MECMESIN VersaTest
Traction-Torsion Tester for Watch band Chronofiable TT9602
Wet / Dry Friction Tester of leather / plastic strap Chronofiable F
Ultra-violet light Tester RC TRITEC UT
Shaking Tester Chronofiable S
Vibration Tester Chronofiable V
Opening-Closing Testing Equipment for clasps WatchLab OC-01
Luminous Intensity Measurement Equipment RC TRITEC MR photometer
Climatic chamber Votsch VC4018, 4020
Power-reserve & Winding Velocity Tester for a mechanical movement VOH TWISTEST
Equipment for the functional index, Rate Measurement (Accuracy) for mechanical movement, watch 1) WITSCHI WICOMETRE PROFESSIONAL
Equipment for the functional index, Rate Measurement (Accuracy), Electrical measurements for quartz movement, watch 1) WITSCHI Q Test 6000
2) WITSCHI Analyzer Q1
Equipment for the 24-hour Current consumption measurement of quartz movement Femto WatchLab system

Support for Smart Wearables
Support for Smart Wearables

Support for Smart Wearables

A. General Test

1. Water Resistance Test
2. Shock Resistance Test
3. Impact & Drop Test
4. Traction Test (leather / plastic / metal)
5. Traction & Torsion Test (leather / plastic)
6. Dry/ Wet Friction Test (leather / plastic)
7. Synthetic Sweat Test (leather / plastic)
8. Shaking & Vibration Test
9. Opening-closing Test
10. UV Light Test (band / dial / hands)
11. Temperature & Humidity Test
12. Climatic Cycles Test
13. Accuracy (Rate) Test


B. Electronic Performance

1. Power Consumption
2. RF Communication Range
3. Electronic Reliability Test (EMC)


C. Regulatory Approval Pretest(CE/FCC Pretests)

1. Bluetooth / NFC
2. Zigbee / Z-Wave
3. Wi-Fi
4. Other Electronic Devices


D. Smart Wearables Performance Assessment

1. Step-counting
2. Heart Rate
3. Blood Pressure
4. Oxygen Content in Blood
5. IoT Security

Electronic/ Quartz / Mechanical / Automatic Watch Tests
Electronic/ Quartz / Mechanical / Automatic Watch Tests

Electronic/ Quartz / Mechanical / Automatic Watch Tests

A. Watch Head

1. Water Resistance Test
2. Chronograph Aging Test
3. Chronograph Aging Test
4. Pusher Aging Test
5. Magnetic Field Resistance Test
6. Shock Resistance Test
7. Impact Test
8. Drop Test
9. Vibration Test


B. Watch Glass / Crystal

1. Push Out Crystal Test
2. Resistance to a Falling Ball Test
3. Hardness Test


C. Watch Case / Band / Dial / Hands

1. Hardness Test (plastic case / band)
2. Dip Test (plastic watch case / band)
3. Abrasion Resistance Test
4. Ageing Cycles on Bezel Ring
5. Traction Test (leather / plastic / metal)
6. Traction-torsion Test (leather / plastic)
7. Traction-torsion Test (metal)
8. Dry Friction Test (leather / plastic)
9. Wet Friction Test (leather / plastic)
10. Synthetic Sweat Test (leather / plastic)
11. Shaking Test
12. Opening-closing Test
13. UV Light Test (band / dial / hands)
14. Luminous Intensity Measurement


D. Watch Movement

1. Electrical Measurement
2. Current Consumption Measurement: 24 hours
3. Functional Index-Rate Measurement
4. Climatic Cycles Test
5. High Temperature & Humidity Test
6. Low Temperature Test
7. Temperature & Humidity Test for 24 hours: customised conditions
8. Power-reserve & Winding velocity test for a mechanical movement
9. Chronometer Test for mechanical movement
10. Chronometer Test for electronic/quartz movement


E. Movement Component

1. 2D Measurements of Geometric Dimensions for positions, linear dimensions, diameter, arc, etc (1 attribute)
2. 3D Measurements of Geometric Dimensions for runout, flatness, inclination angle, etc (1 attribute)


F. Movement Assemblies Quality

1. Mechanical Movement Analysis by the acoustic signal from the rate measurement instrument
2. Performance Test of barrel with mainspring
3. Aging Test for hairspring/mainspring
4. Aging Test of barrel with mainspring
5. Traction Test for the attachment between hairspring and stud/hairspring and collet
6. Loading Test on impulse pin and roller assembly
7. Optical Measurement of Escapement mechanism


G. Electronic Performance

1. Power Consumption
2. Electronic Reliability Test (EMC)


Plastic Materials Testing

A. Mechanical Properties Test

1. Tensile strength
2. Compressive strength
3. Impact strength
4. Hardness


B. Thermal Properties Test

1. Heat deflection
2. Vicat softening
3. Melt temperature
4. Glass transition temperature


C. Electrical and Optical Properties Test

1. Colour
2. Colour difference


D. Degradable Test

1. Thermal aging
2. Accelerated aging (UV-A or L'V-B Exposure)
3. Accelerated aging (Xenon Arc Lamp Exposure)
4. Photodegradation
5. Thermal degradation


E. Material Identification Test

1. Density
2. Specific gravity
3. Material identification
4. Plastics identification
5. Glass fiber
6. Moisture


F. Test Sample Preparation

1. Standard test bar moulding


Metal Materials Testing

A. Electroplating Coating Testing

1. Identification of Metallic Coating
2. Corrosion Test
3. Nickel Release Test
4. Metal Content of Coating Alloy
5. Hardness Test
6. Adhesion Test
7. Taber Wear Resistance Test


B. Precious Metal Analysis

1. Gold Content
2. Sliver Content
3. Palladium Content
4. Platinum Content
5. Other Metal Content


C. Alloy

1. Aluminum Alloy
2. Copper Alloy
3. Zinc Alloy
4. Tin Alloy
5. Stainless Steel
6. Beryllium Copper Alloy


D. Plating Solution

1. Trace amount Analysis of Metallic Contaminants in Plating Solution
2. General Plating Solution