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Environmental Protection and Technology Development

Green Living Laboratory (GL Lab), accredited under the “Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme” (HOKLAS) for a list of specified tests* in the field of environmental testing, food testing and Chinese medicine testing, is an integrated and multi-functional laboratory supporting emerging industries with the following services.

Scope of Services
  • Environmental & Discharge Standard Compliance Analysis and Advisory Services
  • Analysis of Trace Organics, Metals, Non-metallic Constituents and Microbiological Contamination in Environment
  • Analysis & Study on Environmental Contamination, Toxicity, and Safety
  • Land/Groundwater Contamination Assessment, Analysis, and Cleanup
  • Odour Analysis, Study, and Control Services
  • Environmental Technology and Product Development
  • Performance Verification for Environmental Products
  • Membrane Application, Technology Development & Research

Green Living Laboratory is well equipped to conduct an extensive assortment of environmental analyses and tests on various products and substances, including:


The Laboratory samples and tests water – including seawater, wastewater and water from cooling systems – for:

  • micro-organisms, eg, Legionella Pneumophilia, E-Coli, etc
  • non-metallic constituents
  • organic pollutants
  • toxic heavy metals


Such analyses can also serve as treatability tests.


Sludge, Soil, and Sediment

The Laboratory tests plants and animals, such as vegetables and marine creatures, for undesirable substances including:

  • non-metallic constituents
  • inorganics
  • trace metals
  • trace organics (VOCs and Semi- VOCs, pesticide residues)



The Laboratory tests indoor air, ambient air and stack emissions for:

  • toxic gaseous pollutants
  • trace organics (VOCs and Semi- VOCs, pesticide residues)
  • suspended particulates
  • toxic heavy metals


Plants, Animals and Food

The Laboratory tests plants, animals and food, such as vegetables and marine creatures, for undesirable substances including:

  • heavy metals
  • pesticide residues


Chinese Medicine

The Laboratory tests proprietary Chinese patent medicines and herbal medicines in relation to the requirements specified by Hong Kong's Chinese Medicine Ordinance.