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Corporate Governance & Council Membership

Corporate Governance

HKPC is a statutory organization governed by the Hong Kong Productivity Council Ordinance (Chapter 1116 of Laws of Hong Kong). HKPC is fully committed to maintaining good corporate governance as we strongly believe that good corporate governance is essential to accomplishing our public mission and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders. We attach paramount importance to adopting accountability, transparency, fairness and ethics as the cornerstones of our corporate governance framework.

Corporate Governance Structure

Corporate Governance Structure
Corporate Governance Structure

Council Membership


Hon Sunny TAN
Chairman, Hon Sunny TAN

Hon Sunny TAN assumed the chairmanship of the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) in August 2022.

As a seasoned industrialist, he is currently a Member of the Legislative Council representing the Textiles and Garment functional constituency and Senior Advisor to Luen Thai Holdings Limited, a leading fashion and lifestyle apparel and accessories manufacturer, for which he has served for more than two decades. He is also Executive Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and Executive Vice Chairman of The Hong Kong General Chamber of Textiles. In 2013, he received the “Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong”.

Hon Sunny TAN has a strong record of public and community service. He is a member of the Committee on Innovation, Technology and Re-industrialisation; the Trade and Industry Advisory Board; the Vocational Training Council; the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council; and the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Design Centre. He is also a member of the Hebei Province Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Hon Sunny TAN obtained a Master of Science degree from Stanford University and Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Deputy Chairman

Mr Emil YU Chen-on, BBS, JP

  • Mr Bryant CHAN Wan-sing
  • Ms Clara CHAN Yuen-shan, MH
  • Mr Ricky CHAN Wai-chung
  • Mr Brian CHENG Ho-wai
  • Mr Marvin HSU Tsun-fai, JP
  • Mr Geoffrey Edward KAO
  • Ms Vivien LAU Man-yee
  • Prof. Matthew LEE Kwok-on
  • Ms Juan LEUNG Chung-yan, MH
  • Mr Bernard POON Che-wai
  • Ir Paul POON Wai-yin
  • Ms Jenny TAM Kam-lin
  • Ms Frankie TAM Wing-see
  • Mr Donald TONG Chi-keung, GBS
  • Ms Jennifer YEUNG Yin-chi
  • Ms ZHANG Li
  • Mr Eddie MAK Tak-wai, JP
    Permanent Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry
  • Ms Rebecca PUN Ting-ting, JP
    Commissioner for Innovation and Technology
  • Ms Maggie WONG Siu-chu, JP
    Director-General of Trade and Industry
  • Mr Adolph LEUNG Wing-sing, JP
    Government Economist
  • Mr Raymond HO Kam-biu, JP
    Deputy Commissioner for Labour

BDO Limited

Legal Advisers

Bird & Bird

Standing Committees

Staffing Committee

The Staffing Committee approves the appointment of General Managers. The Committee monitors the staffing situation and recommends changes to the Council where appropriate. It advises the Council on human resources development policies. The Committee also monitors HKPC's general terms and conditions of service, to ensure that these are adequate to recruit and retain competent staff, and recommends changes to the Council where necessary. The Committee provides a channel between the Council and staff for the communication of grievances about general terms and conditions of service, in situations where they cannot be resolved by consultation.

Business Development Committee

The Business Development Committee reviews the business activities of HKPC, explores new business opportunities, and recommends the three-year strategic plan of HKPC to the Council.  The Committee also monitors the performance of HKPC’s subsidiary companies.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors the financial performance of HKPC and ensures that funds made available are properly accounted for. The Committee approves changes to HKPC’s policies and practices relating to procurement, building management, fixed asset management and charging levels of HKPC’s services. The Committee recommends HKPC’s three-year forecast, an annual programme and estimates and the transfer of funds between major heads of expenditure, for consideration by the Council. The Committee also advises the Council on matters relating to HKPC’s financial policies and matters that have a significant financial impact on HKPC.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is established to monitor and make recommendations to enhance HKPC’s healthy corporate governance in financial reporting, risk management, internal control, appointment and performance of the external auditor, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The Committee is authorized by the Council to investigate any activity and resolve any disagreement within its scope of duties. Staff members can directly report to the Chairman of the Audit Committee on cases of malpractice or irregularities. The Committee is underpinned by a Compliance and Internal Audit Office which reports functionally to the Audit Committee and administratively to the Executive Director. The Office is committed to assist the Audit Committee to safeguard and promote the healthy corporate governance of the HKPC.

Minutes of Meeting