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Advanced Electronics Processing Technology Centre


HKPC's Advanced Electronics Processing Technology Centre provides services in the areas of electronics manufacturing, including Surface-Mount Technology (SMT), BGA, CSP and lead-free soldering. The services include consultancy, small batch prototype assembly, surface mount accuracy and stability test.

Advanced Electronics Processing Technology Centre equipment
Advanced Electronics Processing Technology Centre equipment


  • Assist local industries to upgrade their capabilities in the manufacturing of advanced electronics products through the adoption of new printed circuit board assembly technology
  • Enhance the productivity of local industries in printed circuit board assembly processes by disseminating new production techniques
  • Promote technology and business partnership among electronics manufacturers in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas



Each step in the electronic assembly process is critical. Existence of a fault could cause stoppage of the production and faulty electronic products. HKPC’s Advanced Electronics Processing Technology Centre has comprehensive testing capabilities on evaluating the accuracy and stability performance of SMT process to support local electronics industries in advanced electronic assembles as well as small-scale electronic assembly manufacturing.

The Centre supports local industry in advanced surface mount printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) technologies and small batch prototyping. The Centre is equipped with machines for handling assembly of fine pitch components, such as micro-BGA, CSP, and 0402 devices. The Centre also provides consultation on PCBA process improvement.

Surface Mount Accuracy and Stability Performance Test:

  • Component Placement Accuracy
  • Component Picking Yield Evaluation
  • Solder Paste Quality Inspection
  • Component Shear Test
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Micro-section Analysis
  • Package Drop and Vibration Test
  • Component Assembly Service

Application: Miniature electronic products

Target Industry: Consumer electronics and telecommunications

Consultancy/Testing Fee: Please contact us for details on service charges


Contact Details

Mr Li Kwan Tai
Tel: (852) 2788 5793


  • SMT Placement System (Model: ASM SIPLACE SX1 & Juki KE-2080)
  • Solder Paste Printing System (Model: YAHAM YCP10)
  • Reflow Soldering System (Model: Vitronic Soltec XPM3 1240)
  • Solder Joint Shear Tester (Model: Dage 4000 Plus)
  • Solder Paste Height Measurement System (Model: VisionPro SP3D & VisionPro VM150)
  • X-Ray Inspection System (Model: Glenbrook JewelBox-90T)

Case Studies

Provide surface mount accuracy and stability testing services for multi-national component companies.