We provide technical support to the food industry through testing and consulting services using advanced testing technologies and equipments. Moreover, we can accommodate test on "nutritional label" to assist the sector in listing nutrient composition on the food packages to fit the requirements of food regulations.

Food Composition Testing
  • Test for Nutrition Label
  • Preservatives
  • Heavy Metal
  • Migration Test
Food Safety & Hygiene Management
  • HACCP Hygiene Management
  • ISO 22000 Food Processing Management System
  • Food Hygiene Supervisor & Managers Training Programme
  • Study Mission on Food Production

Dr C C Lam, Materials Technology Division
Tel: 2788 5525

Food Safety Testing
  • Analysis of Drinking & Fresh Water Quality
  • Food Safety Test
  • Chinese Medicine & Cosmetics Contamination Analysis
  • Pesticides & Organic Pollutants Analysis

K W Fung, Green Living and Innovation Division
Tel: 2788 5607

Food Testing
Food Testing