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Corporate Events

(Some contents are in Chinese only)

Date Activities Details 
25 May 2024 F1 in Schools Hong Kong Preliminary Competition Details
30 May 2024 【InnoPreneur MeetUp】 Cyber Security for SMEs: Building a More Resilient Business Details
30 May 2024 [HKPC Live] 【Tech Talk】AI for SMEs: Grow Beyond, Stay Resilient! Details
31 May 2024 共建安全網絡2024 「全城攜守 網安在手」電車車身設計比賽 Details
12-13 June 2024 LOGTECH Expo 2024: Technology Showcase + Trainings on Smart and Green logistics + Funding Advice + Expert Sharing
All-Round Support for Logistics Industry
18 June 2024 The Future Trends and Experience Sharing Seminar of the GBA Health Industry Details
25-29 June 2024 【Inner Mongolia Mission Tour】 ESG‧Green Technology‧Sustainable Tourism Details