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Approved ITF Projects


PRP/014/23AI Development of a Battery-Embedded Chassis for Lightweight BEV Minibus with Composite Body Implementation Organisation 7.460855
ITP/031/23AP Development of Ultrafast Charging, Longevity Sodium-ion Battery Prototype Based on Advanced NASICON-type Cathode Materials Implementation Organisation 6.375
ITP/032/23AP Next Generation 3D Lane AI Localization Augmentation for Satellite Navigation System Implementation Organisation 2.757933
GHP/203/21SZ Study the Key Technologies of Intelligent Underframe Inspection Robot for Subway Vehicle Lead Applicant 2.265
ITP/025/23AP Development of a Solution for the Production of Discontinuous Fibre Composite Auto Parts from In-house Production Composite Waste Implementation Organisation 2.205925
GSP/036/23 Greater Bay Area Innovation and Technology International Cooperation Forum with Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Award and Showcases Implementation Organisation 1.349432
GSP/002/23 Hong Kong Tech Challenge Game 2024 Implementation Organisation 1.319411
GSP/097/23 HKPC Pavilion at InnoCarnival 2023 Lead Applicant 1.079141
GSP/025/23 GBA International Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Summit 2023 Lead Applicant 0.749771
GSP/059/22 Holistic Care for “Body, Soul and Spirit” via Gerontechnology Awareness Lead Applicant 0.717841
GSP/051/22 Unfolding the Future with Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) – Redefine the Application Roadmap of SUA in Hong Kong Lead Applicant 0.592972
GSP/036/22 Enabling Industry Towards Smartification and Digitization with XR Technologies Lead Applicant 0.5459676
GSP/076/22 New Era in Aviation: Digitalisation and Innovation Lead Applicant 0.4490078
  Sub-total: 27.87M


Total: $27.87M