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HKPC Supports the Launch of Task Force on Promoting and Branding Hong Kong by the HKSAR Government to Enhance Image of Hong Kong and Showcase its Brand to the World

(Hong Kong, 3 February 2023) The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) welcomes the launch of the “Task Force on Promoting and Branding Hong Kong” by the HKSAR Government. The Task Force, comprising prominent individuals with diverse background, representatives of Hong Kong Inc. partner organisations as well as government officials, has been set up to advise the Government on the overall strategy of promoting Hong Kong’s advantages, and a series of promotional plans and activities overseas and in the Mainland. HKPC is honoured to be one of the partner organisations of the Task Force. It will fully support and continue to cooperate with the HKSAR Government, and work together with various Hong Kong Inc. partner organisations and members to showcase Hong Kong’s advantages, and create a new horizon for its economy.”

HKPC is encouraged by the HKSAR Government commencing the work of the Task Force, to proactively demonstrate the real strengths of Hong Kong to the world, and showcase the vibrancy of the city on the international stage. HKPC firmly believes that this move will have a very positive effect on the overall economic development of Hong Kong, enabling the city’s edges to be fully known, understood and recognised, and speak the good stories of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology to the international community.

Hon Sunny TAN, Chairman of HKPC, said, “In the past three years, the world has faced unprecedented challenges, and the COVID-19 pandemic has further aggravated the resulting economic consequences. Heading into the new year, Hong Kong is steadily embarking on the road to normalcy. With its ‘Innovation Never Stops’ motto and firm foundation in R&D, HKPC is committed to supporting the HKSAR Government and taking on the important task of the Task Force to promote new potentials and new opportunities in Hong Kong under its new development stage to the international community.”

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