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Nurturing Homegrown Technology Talent

Inno Space provides a hub for students, educators, and parents from primary schools, secondary schools, and universities to engage in TechED STEM and drive innovations. We offer them the linkage to real business cases, career guidance, and entrepreneurship concepts to facilitate the development of homegrown technology talent.


In collaboration with STEM educators and partners, Inno Space organises a variety of TechEd STEM workshops and activities for schools and the public to enhance the TechEd STEM knowledge. Check us out on the upcoming TechEd STEM events.

Inno Space Events


For Primary & Secondary Schools:
The STEM Talent Scheme for Schools (STS) provides students with practical hands-on experience TechEd STEM and assist schools to develop their TechEd STEM curriculum with the support of Inno Space STEM partners. Learn more about the scheme

For University students:
The STEM Talent Scheme for Universities provides makers workshops and machine learning for students to turn their ideas into prototype and gain knowledge on disruptive business models and entrepreneurship. Learn more about the scheme

Corporate and Association Sponsorship Scheme:
We welcome support from corporates and associations to sponsor the two schemes as part of their CSR initiatives to help nurture our homegrown technology talent. Special sponsorship packages is coming soon.


Inno Space also supports startups to transform their innovations from idea to prototype and production, and further develop their business. In addition to providing the workspace and facilities, Inno Space also engages actively with the startup community, promotes startup businesses, and offers consultation services on relevant government funding to assist the growth of their business.

Join us and enjoy the privileges!