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New Formulae for Micro-Powder Injection Moulding Materials Paves Way for Green Production of High Precision Parts

In light of metal parts becoming more precise in size and the continuous tightening of environmental laws and regulations, HKPC has successfully developed a new formulae for advanced materials in micro-powder injection moulding to provide a low-toxic and environmental method for high precision parts production.

Advanced material formula from the HKPC-developed Power Injection Moulding.
Advanced material formula from the HKPC-developed Power Injection Moulding.

Compared with the traditional method, the HKPC-developed micro-powder significantly lowers the surface texture and can produce parts of high precision and complex geometry. It also reduces post-processing, and turns design concepts into products effectively and accurately. In addition, it uses supercritical extraction debinding to replace concentrated nitric acid with carbon dioxide to substantially reduce pollution.

An integration of powder metallurgy and injection moulding technologies, powder injection moulding (PIM) can be applied on metal injection moulding and ceramic injection moulding. Boasting advantages like high precision, exceptional performance and low production cost, PIM can produce parts close to the end product, thereby reducing post-processing.

PIM system development and small batch production, powder coating adhesion test and metal and ceramic product testing are available from HKPC. For more details about use licensing and transfer of the technology, please contact us. 

Powder Injection Moulding
Powder Injection Moulding