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Customer Service Assessment

Excellent services help enterprises in customer retention, as well as encourage existing customers to promote your brand to their friends. As the e-commerce prospers, omni-channel service management are becoming more and more important. We help different enterprises to formulate Mystery Shopper Programme and Customer Satisfaction Survey, digging out service pain points from different sales channels (including in-store, online, telephone hotline, etc), so as to enhance the service level.

Service details:
  • Mystery Shopper Programme – By conducting Mystery Shopper Programme, enterprises can evaluate frontline staffs’ performance across the whole customer journey. The regular Mystery Shopper Programme not just helps management to formulate improvement plan, but also helps to recognise staff for outstanding performance so as to boost their morale.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey – It helps the enterprises to understand if the current products and service level fulfil the needs of customers. We help enterprises to conduct quantitative survey, by preparing questionnaire and analysing feedback , to find out the improvement area.