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ESG and Sustainability Services

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) / Sustainability is becoming an integral part of the daily operation of all businesses. Through HKPC's one-stop services, we assist you in improving ESG / Sustainability performance.

Service details:
  • ESG Data and Reporting
    • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Carbon Footprint and Life-cycle Assessment
    • ESG / Sustainability Reporting
    • Compliance to HKEX ESG Guide, GRI Standards, TCFD, etc.
  • Sustainability Planning and Target Setting
    • Materiality Assessment
    • Gathering Stakeholders' Opinions
    • Sustainability Planning
    • Target Setting
  • Growth of ESG Performance and Competence
    • Establishing Sustainability Management Systems in accordance with international standards
    • Achievement Recognition Consultancy to improve brand image
    • Sustainability Competence Training
  • + Improvement Solutions
    • Carbon / Energy Audit to explore carbon reduction opportunities
    • Waste Management Audit and Consultancy
    • Water Management
    • Air Pollution Control
    • Developing Green Procurement Policies

Start your sustainability journey by completing our online ESG self-assessment (Click here). This complimentary tool is exclusively available to ESG One members, offering you the opportunity to evaluate your company's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.