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Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and Management

  • Assist enterprises and inventors to capitalize on their intellectual works through patent, trademark and industrial design registrations, thereby protecting their intellectual rights
  • Assist enterprises to enhance their IP knowledge and protect their patent, registered design, trademark and copyright, provide feasible advice on IP management and improvement of IP system
  • Assist enterprises to understand the latest technological development of their industries, carry out the patent search and analytics to evaluate the market potential of new invention
Service Details

Patent Application Grant:

  • HKPC is the implementation agent of the HKSAR Government's "Patent Application Grant" Scheme.

IP Consultancy services:

  • Offer problem-solving services on intellectual property matters
  • Advise enterprises on intellectual property management and improvement of intellectual property system

IP Protection:

  • Collaborate with local and overseas professional IP firms to provide worldwide protection services (including patents, designs and trademarks and copyright)

IP Search and Analytics:

  • Search on the latest patents and trademarks from major countries around the world
  • Carry out patent search, analyze patent information and advise clients on the stage of development of the specified technology so as to help them assess the market potential of their new invention.

IP Training:

  • Collaborate with IP professional bodies to provide training course on IP Laws and effective patent search skills

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and Management
Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and Management