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Performance Excellence

An integrated approach to enhance business performance of companies in the Mainland

Service details:

Customized Assessment – A 10-manday assessment service with the core being a set of tools which is the collection and distillation of the expertise of HKPC consultants in selected market segments: general manufacturing, selected industry segments and Productivity Centers etc.

Performance Excellence Model – Realize the value of continuous improvement and improve the effectiveness of the organization to achieve excellence business performance, services include:

  • On-site Assessment: for identifying the gaps between current practices and the requirements of the Performance Excellence Model (Malcom Baldrige Quality Management criteria or GB/T 19580 )
  • Improvement Project: Forming and coaching “improvement teams” to implement improvement activities to narrow the gaps identified
  • Performance Management System Development: Base upon the organizational profile and business culture of the organization to tailor-made an unique Performance Excellence Management System for organization and facilitate the implementation.

District Innovation Potential Assessment – An assessment to identify innovation capability gaps and potentials as basis for enhancing the innovation performance of a region and targeted organizations in it, services include:

  • Innovation capability research: Conduct research to capture the data of the regional innovation management system and the organization innovation capability performance of companies in that region
  • On-site Assessment: Assess the current innovation system, practices and performance of a region / company
  • System Improvement: Formulate an implementation plan according to the identified strength and weakness from the on-site assessment to enhance the regional & organizational innovation performance

Mainland Focus Offering
Mainland Focus Offering
Mainland Focus Offering
Mainland Focus Offering