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Production Capacity Optimization

Service details:
  • To provide consultancy service of manufacturing company operation for process streamline, improvement and upgrade; as well as to enhance the technical competency of key technical staff
  • To provide technical service on manufacturing plant layout, production line setup, production line efficiency measurement through IE techniques, computerized advanced production planning and scheduling (APS) tool, etc.
Our Competency:
  • Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in conducting technical and operation evaluation and improvement through applying various types of analysis tools.
  • Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in assessing skill competency of key technical staff, implementing computerized manufacturing tools for operational efficiency enhancement, delivering technical and operation evaluation and improvement consultancy.
  • Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) System is specially designed for handling industrial orders to meet the market demand of “Small Batch with Large Product Varieties” nowadays by providing a computer platform which enables rapid adjustment of production planning, so as to cope with frequent changes in delivery schedule, standardize production planning and lower the chance of re-adjustment of scheduling and planning due to urgent orders.

Advanced Production Scheduling (APS)
Advanced Production Scheduling (APS)
Technical & Operation Improvement Consultancy
Technical & Operation Improvement Consultancy