Quick Response Management

We assist clients in implementing “Quick Response Management” (QRM) by applying a set of improvement tools and management skills of process enhancement and thus adopting a time based operational strategy. We provide relevant consultancy and training services for enterprises with the aim of assisting enterprises in shortening internal and external lead times for meeting the dynamic market needs of “high variety low-volume production”.

Service details:

We provide consultancy and training services by adopting the four main core elements of QRM with the aim of assisting enterprises in shortening the internal and external lead time for meeting rapid changing market demand.

  1. Lead time as a management strategy
    We assist enterprises in analyzing, monitoring and enhancing operational lead time of each production process for meeting the production order of “high-variety low-volume production” order by using the tool of “Manufacturing Critical Time (MCT) of QRM.
  2. Organizational structure
    We assist enterprises in solving the problem of functional production for enhancing motility of deployment and coherence by reorganizing the organizational structure and conducting “Celluline Production” model.
  3. System Dynamics
    We assist enterprises in enhancing flexibility of facility use and coherence of production plan for meeting urgent need of production orders.
  4. Enterprisewide application
    We assist enterprises in reducing delay/accumulation and shortening the whole production lead times through application of POLCA cards and pulling method on production process.
  5. Total solutions provide
    Develop automation machine/system to facilitate client to handle frequent order change production or numbers of orders on different tasks effectively and efficiently

Intelligent products management and picking system
Intelligent products management and picking system
Quick Response Management
Quick Response Management