Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM)

Maximize the effectiveness of your human capital in support of strategic direction priorities of the organization.

Service details:
  • HR Capability Diagnostic — Assess the maturity of HRM system and its alignment with business strategy and advise improvement measures for strategic fit.
  • Employee Insights Survey — Conduct regular survey to understand employee’s perception on the organization and strategic direction, readiness to change, engagement levels and employee value proposition.
  • Strategic Performance Management — Translate business strategies into actionable performance targets and align performance systems across the organization to ensure that they consistently encourage the fulfillment of business needs.
  • Leadership Effectiveness Enhancement — Identify and enhance the desired leadership attributes and competencies for organization through systematic psychometric instruments, coaching sessions and action learning projects.
  • Strategic Talent Management — Assess and project talent needs on the basis of the latest business strategies and systematically identify, develop and retain talents.
  • Enterprise 2nd Generation — Formulate the succession model and strategy for family enterprise and facilitate the change management during the succession process.
  • Organization Structure Optimization — Redesign the organization structure and workflow to eliminate aspects that do not add value or increase cost for the end customer.
  • Organization Culture Reshape — Identify organization’s core value and critical success factor and reshape corporate culture by bringing the vision, mission, value and strategy into alignment with the corporate strategic objectives
  • Training and Development — Tailor-make training solutions to build organizational capabilities required by the business strategy.