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Strategy, Policy and Governance

We excel in delivering strategy planning process that makes real differences. We assist clients in formulation and review of their organizational strategy, key policies and management framework in order to respond to the ever changing business environment and stakeholder expectations. We use a customized combination of creativity and analysis tools to achieve the objectives. We help to develop programs and build momentums to implement the above mentioned items. Through combining knowhow and credibility built over the years, we help client to drive critical high level changes.

Service details:
  • Strategy Formulation and Review — Review the effectiveness of strategic planning and deployment; drive strategy development such as new product, new service and new market development through applying selected innovative / creativity tools; and identify organizational improvement opportunities through benchmarking and market research.
  • Stra-tactical planning — A flexible planning process that addresses a selected mix of strategic and tactical needs within a limited time and effort investment.
  • Policy Development and Review — Review the effectiveness of current policy and processes, identify streamlining and improvement opportunities, and assist clients in implementing new policies and processes
  • Management Framework Adoption and Enhancement — Enhance organizational productivity through developing, implementing and strengthening the management framework