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AS 9100 Consultancy to Esterline Power Systems

Name of the Client

Leach International Asia Pacific (Hereinafter “LIAP”) under Esterline Power Systems. 

Client's Profile

Avionics design company covering the scope of

  • Design and development of power distribution system applied in the aviation industry.
  • Provision of trading services of avionics switching components.
Client's Needs
  • Esterline known leveraging quality and cost aspects to meet the stringent utmost safety requirements is the key concern in aviation industry.
  • Esterline Corporation projected to migrate the sourcing of avionics suppliers at worldwide perspective. LIAP was the Asia-pacific hub for developing its aviation supply chain regionally. Since the development on supplies of avionics components in Asia-pacific was at its incubation stage, governing quality of the manufacturing operation to ensure product safety is of critical concern.
  • As a tier 1 supplier in the aviation supply chain. it is required for LIAP to establish an aviation quality management operation model up to international standard of AS 9100. As the first mover in Hong Kong, the major challenge for LIAP was that no benchmark was available to set up its design and development operation in HK to meet AS9100.
Our Solutions
  • To help LIAP to achieve AS 9100 certification, HKPC provided a series of training and advises on AS 9100 requirements, aviation industry specific requirements, AS9101 audit requirements, ISO 10007 configuration management requirements, etc. in order to transfer the expertise and proficiency on implementing AS 9100 to LIAP.
  • HKPC assisted LIAP to establish the aviation quality management system in compliance with AS 9100 requirements and all other associated industry specific requirements including regulations.
  • HKPC assisted LIAP to successfully go through the AS 9100 certification audit by accredited certification body on 11 November 2013.
Value Created
  • By successfully implementing the AS9100 aviation quality management system, LIAP becomes the “First AS 9100 Certified Avionics Design Company” covering the scope of design and development of power distribution system applied in the aviation industry as well as the provision of trading services of avionics switching components in Hong Kong.
  • By demonstrating the best practice in the industry, LIAP can pull alongside the request of market with rigorous customer concern on quality of its avionics switching components, as well as to establish competitive advantage on offering design and development solutions as the initiator of avionics design company with AS9100 certification awarded in Hong Kong.
  • Since then, LIAP has significant growth on business volume and enhanced popularity in the industry. Further to completion of government funded project ‘To upgrade Hong Kong SMEs to comply with AS 9100:2009 – the global aviation quality management standard for entering into the aviation parts manufacturing industry’, substantial growth of aviation industry on establishing aviation manufacturing supply chain in Southern China was in good progress. LIAP is one typical example for establishing Asia-pacific hub for providing avionics system design and development solution in Hong Kong.
AS 9100 Consultancy to Esterline Power Systems
AS 9100 Consultancy to Esterline Power Systems

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