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Cyber Security

HKPC offers comprehensive cyber security testing and advisory services. Our services cover a wide range of aspects, including cyber-security-by-design, privacy and compliance-by-default, design and architecture, training and development, offensive security, intelligent security, defensive security and intelligent hardening. Our goal is to help organisations of all sizes improve their cyber security posture and protect against potential threats.

Our team of experienced cyber security experts will work closely with you to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations and best practices for improving your overall security. Whether you need to implement stronger privacy measures, ensure compliance with industry regulations, or improve the security of your systems and applications, we have the expertise and experience to help.

In addition to our testing and advisory services, we also offer training and development programmes designed to help you build a culture of security within your organisation. Our programmes cover a broad spectrum of topics, from basic security concepts to advanced security techniques and tools. We believe that by empowering your team with the knowledge and skills they need to identify and respond to potential threats, you can create a more secure and resilient organisation.

Service Details:
  • Security-by-design; Compliance-by-default; and Privacy-by-default
  • Design & architecture
  • Train & develop
  • Offensive security
  • Intelligent security
  • Defensive security
  • Intelligent hardening

HKPC Cyber Security Framework
HKPC Cyber Security Framework