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Carbon Neutrality and Comprehensive Carbon Management

Provide tailor-made carbon management consultancy services to help companies set viable carbon reduction targets and programmes, and to capture and explore low-carbon business opportunities.

To support companies to migrate to green economy and progress towards carbon neutrality, we provide one-stop services:

Service details:
  • Corporate Carbon Footprint Advisory – to assist corporations to understand their carbon footprint portfolio and develop improvement measures by providing professional carbon audit and training services according to international standards such as ISO 14064.
  • Product Carbon Footprint Advisory – to identify product carbon footprint impacts and develop professional improvement plan by conducting comprehensive Product Life Cycle Assessment according to international standards such as ISO 14067 and PAS 2050.
  • GHG Emission Validation and Verification – to quantify, validate and verify the carbon footprint of the organisation and activities
  • Carbon Audit – to identify options for GHG emission reduction and provide recommendations on improvement measures
  • Product Carbon Footprinting – to establish the GHG emission from the production, use and disposal of a product through life cycle analysis
  • Formulate Carbon Neutrality Roadmap and Long-term Target – to assist corporations in understanding their baseline emissions, setting long-term targets, formulating a roadmap and strategies to achieve carbon neutrality
  • Science-based Target Initiative (SBTi) Support and Planning – to support corporations in submitting SBTi commitment and targets
  • Climate Change Risk Assessment (e.g. TCFD) and Planning – to assist corporations in conducting climate change risk assessments according to international standards such as TCFD

Comprehensive Carbon Management
Comprehensive Carbon Management