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Industrie 4.0 - Smart Enterprise

HKPC – Your One-stop Partner in Industrie 4.0

HKPC possesses professional consultants who are qualified as “Certified i4.0 Trainer & Expert” and “Implementation Consultant” by Fraunhofer IPT Germany, providing professional services for assisting HK industry upgrade and transformation towards i4.0 Smart & Innovative Enterprises.

Our services:
  • Certified i4.0 Training Programme — Offer 13 training modules providing comprehensive knowledge transfer of i4.0 related concept, deployment methodology, technologies, business cases , etc.
  • i4.0 Maturity Assessment — Cooperate with Fraunhofer IPT to jointly provide i4.0 maturity assessment service to evaluate the current status of the entire enterprise operation from product development, supply chain, production, logistics to services and IT, etc.
  • i4.0 Pilot Project Identification & Deployment — Assist enterprises to identify suitable pilot projects and formulate short-mid-long term strategic deployment roadmap.
  • i4.0 Advisory Consultancy Service — Guide enterprises to upgrade towards smart enterprises (i.e. Smart Operation, Smart Production & Smart Logistics) step-by-step with application of i4.0 enabling technologies and performance management to achieve intended business value.
  • i4.0 Smart Operation, Manufacturing & Factory Recognition — Jointly provide a recognition scheme with Fraunhofer IPT to recognize the achievement of i4.0 maturity on different perspectives of an enterprise.


For further details, please refer to the following link:

HKPC – Your One-stop Partner in Industrie 4.0
HKPC – Your One-stop Partner in Industrie 4.0