8 Tips Help HK Companies Navigate Through Trade Conflicts

8 Tips Help HK Companies Navigate Through Trade Conflicts
8 Tips Help HK Companies Navigate Through Trade Conflicts

Against the backdrop of burgeoning China-US trade conflicts which have casted ominous shadow over the business environment, HKPC provides assistive initiatives for local companies. Come check out the eight timely measures that help you withstand the headwinds.

  1. HKD 2 million - BUD Fund to help tap into ASEAN and Mainland China markets
    BUD Fund is a dedicated fund for extending market reach to Mainland China and ASEAN countries. Domestic sales and ASEAN projects can receive up to HK$1 million respectively.
  2. HKD 500K Training Grant – Empower your business with smart production
    Enterprises can receive the Government training grant up to HKD 500K per year to finance their professional training on i4.0 and smart production.
  3. Municipal governments from the Greater Bay Area provide funding support for business upgrade and transformation
    Apply for business upgrade and transformation support offered by the Dongguan, Zhongshan and Zhuhai Municipal Governments. Funding provided by the Dongguan Municipal Government has been raised to RMB 600K, while Zhongshan and Zhuhai Municipal Governments also offer RMB 390K respectively.
  4. Expertise service to help expand sales and production overseas
    Our experts always stand by your side to provide technical support in automation and cleaner production, ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  5. THE HATCH as incubator – Design thinking is the key to Success
    Join the workshops organised by THE HATCH (INC Invention Centre) which aim to facilitate transformation from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM). We teach you the strategies of increasing market competitiveness through the adoption of design thinking methodology.
  6. One-Stop Information
    Keep abreast of the latest news and measures provided by our SME One so as to get first-hand information about the trade row. A series of inspection tours to ASEAN countries, including Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, will be organised in June this year to help you explore business opportunities therein.
  7. Half-Price Concessions
    The special offer* applies to all new R&D and consultancy project, testing services as well as HKPC venue charges with details as follows: (*Terms and conditions apply.)
    • 50% off the list price of labour portion for R&D and consultancy services (excluding consultancy services under government funding schemes);
    • 50% off the list price of labour portion for testing services;
    • 50% off the HKPC venue charges
  8. Buy 3 Get 1 Free for Corporate Training Incentive of HKPC Academy
    To enhance SME’s staff development and company productivity through a wide range of training courses on smart management and new technologies

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