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Nurture Reindustrialisation Talents

A report by the World Economic Forum released in 2020 indicates that around 85 million jobs will disappear in five year time after being displaced by technology. Yet at the same time, around 97 million new posts will be created which will require workers to use technology to collaborate with robots. These include big data. AI, cloud computing and green economy. Automation and new technology development will also give workers’ access to the world of new economy employment.

Hence, talent nurturing is an essential part of technology development. The Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP) under ITF of the HKSAR Government allows your company to nurture the right talents, in keeping abreast with the evolving industry trend. There are more than 100 approved courses at the HKPC under RTTP. Register now and stay competitive.

To know more about the opportunities and limitations in manufacturing for Hong Kong's reindustrialisation, please read the following guidebook published by HKPC:

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