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kNOw Touch Contactless Panel

Doesn’t it sound intimidating that virus might survive for up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel? It is in no way intimidating, according to studies. Given the threat of COVID-19 infection risk from physical touch, minimising contact with objects has become an essential part of anti-pandemic efforts - particularly when it comes to pressing the elevator buttons, which is often regarded as a hotbed for germs. HKPC has developed a novel “kNOw Touch” contactless panel to lessen the risk of coronavirus transmission whilst using an elevator. This cost efficient technology only requires a small twist without the need of vast mechanical alteration to perform.

Traumatised by the fear of spreading disease through physical contact, Hong Kong people have come up with lots of ways to press lift buttons by using keys, tissues, ball pens and other items instead of their fingers. But it is hard to maintain amid the prolonged outbreak.

As effort to fend off the pandemic, the HKPC’s Smart City Division has developed a touchless button solution named “kNOw Touch”, for the public to minimise the risk from getting the virus through touching the potentially contaminated panel surface inside the lift. Fear no longer.

kNOw Touch contactless panel

HKPC has signed two technology licensing agreements with Roborn DT Limited (Roborn) and Schindler Lifts (Hong Kong) Limited (Jardine Schindler) respectively to promote the solution. Roborn and Jardine Schindler will actively promote the adoption of "kNOw Touch – Contactless Elevator Control Panel" solution in the elevator facilities of different building types in Hong Kong as well as other regions including Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India and Southeast Asia. They will also provide aftercare services such as inspection, installation and maintenance.

For enquiries, please contact licensees at

Roborn DT limited
Phone: (852)2577 0887

Schindler Lifts (Hong Kong) Limited (Jardine Schindler)
Phone: (852)2516 8168


For other enquiries, please contact HKPC "kNOw Touch" team at
Phone: (852) 2788 5890
WhatsApp (Do not support voice call): (852) 5283 4131