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Voluntary Skips Registration Pilot Scheme

Scheme Introduction

The Voluntary Skips Registration Pilot Scheme aims to provide registration service for every skip, in order to improve the working cycle and efficiency in using skips. Every skip that joined the scheme will be issued with skip registration number, a unique registration number will be painted/pasted/put on the skip; this will help the operation and development of skip industry; and it will provide skip operators with following benefits:

  • Registered skips will be considered for other skips schemes as first priority;
  • Joining the scheme will help government and industry to trace the skip operation, it will boost customers' confidence, and will also increase the operator's competitiveness in the market;
  • Joining the scheme will provide convenience to skip operators in discussing specific skip issues with all sections (such as government, skips hirers and insurance companies etc.);
  • Joining the scheme will improve skip operator's image;
  • Joining the scheme will assist in making inventories of the skips;
  • Joining the scheme will let government to better understand industry's status, and assist in research of making helpful measures for the industry etc.
Service Details

HKPC provides consultancy service for Voluntary Skips Registration Pilot Scheme.

  1. HKPC will confirm the skip operators that would like to join the Voluntary Skips Registration Pilot Scheme, and will obtain the stamped and signed confirmation letter from operators; HKPC will also carry out related survey with questionnaire.
  2. After receiving the confirmation letter from the skip operator, HKPC will arrange staff to paint/paste/put a unique skip registration number on every skip that join this scheme, and register the skip information.
  3. The skip operator will obtain a skip registration certificate from HKPC when the skip has been registered successfully, proving that the skip registration process has been completed.

For any enquiries, please call the HKPC Voluntary Skips Registration Pilot Scheme, hotline: (852) 2788 6207, or email to