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Plastic Process and Machinery Technology

One-stop solutions for the material suppliers, product manufacturers, mould makers and machine builders, offering the best consultancy and supporting services

Service Details:
  • Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) Analysis for Product Development – to improve product design, shorten development time, and prevent costly mistakes, thereby enhance productivity by different CAE software
  • Advanced Plastic Processing Technology – to conduct technology development, process analysis and manufacturing support to local plastic product manufacturers on advanced plastic processing technology including metal-plastic integration, PU and thermoplastic material overmolding, LSR overmoulding, hybrid composite materials, etc.
  • Certification Consultancy – to assist company to comply the machinery safety requirements
  • Integrated Solution Services – to enhance the competitiveness and communication among Hong Kong plastics practitioners by providing convenient access to timely and crucial information
  • Industrial Club and Technical Training – to enhance the competitiveness and upgrading of human capital in plastics technology areas

Metal-plastic Overmoulded Product (LED lamp)
Metal-plastic Overmoulded Product (LED lamp)
PU-thermoplastic Overmoulded Product (Panel with leather-like appearance)
PU-thermoplastic Overmoulded Product (Panel with leather-like appearance)
LSR Overmoulded Product (Pacifier)
LSR Overmoulded Product (Pacifier)

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