Successful commercialization of MOST150 onboard infotainment system

Name of the Client

Kam Yip (Hong Kong) Limited 

Client's Profile

Kam Yip is a HK-based company which factory is located in Hui Zhou City, Guang Dong Province, PRC. They produce the onboard DVD player and GPS and sell to China and ASEAN aftermarket.

Client's Needs
  • Need to develop the new technologies

  • Need to make differences for their product

  • Need to change the existing business model

Our Solutions
  • Recommend to acquire new technology through sponsoring the government funding R&D project

  • Recommend to develop the new infotainment system based on MOST150 architecture

  • Recommend to create a new business model from selling products to selling services

Value Created
  • Successful commercialization of MOST150 infotainment system

  • Sold to ASEAN including Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodian

  • Sold to Guangdong Hongkong cross border buses

  • Sold to Jinlong bus and Marcobolo bus