Consultancy and Testing Services for Automotive and Electronics Parts and Systems

During the product development process for automotive parts, conducting tests on performance, life cycle and reliability to ensure full compliance with industry and international standards is an important phase before delivery to the OEMs as the test results can directly affect customers’ decision. Since 2006, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) has been commissioned by a number of Automotive Parts and Accessory System (APAS) manufacturers to provide consultancy services on the reliability studies of their newly designed APAS products.

In response to the strong demands from the local and Mainland industry, HKPC is determined to act as a focal point for the trade by providing a One-stop Consultancy and Testing Services to the industry.

This one-stop service includes design of products or components (CAD), virtual product analysis (CAE) and physical design tests, result analysis and professional recommendations on design improvement. The APAS manufacturers will no longer have to search for specific equipment and qualified testing laboratories by themselves and can concentrate more on their business development.


HKPC’s professional consultants can support clients to design and set up specific tests according to clients’ needs. Some manufacturers are newcomers to APAS industry while others are trying to develop new products. Both groups are inexperienced in product testing. HKPC can provide consultancy service for manufacturers not familiar with the validation of their products. We can help manufacturers identify a suitable standard to check their product and conduct the test for them. We can design a testing method and conduct the test according to the client’s special requirements. Also, we can provide a number of internationally recognized validation tests in compliance with national and international standards such as SAE, JIS and Chinese GB to validate the product’s performance, durability and reliability. After the tests, HKPC will provide a detailed testing report which includes test result analysis and improvement recommendations to the client.

HKPC can provide CAE and CAD services to the industry. HKPC has consultants experienced in establishing CAE and CAD capabilities. In addition to the finite element analysis for static mechanics, we can also conduct impact and thermal analysis as well as design optimization.



  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) for product design and virtual product analysis
  • Gasoline/Diesel Emission Testing for vehicles or stationary engines
  • Vehicle noise test according to Japanese Proximity Stationary Noise Test to Article 30 of the safety regulations
  • Acoustics Testing in Anechoic Chamber (e.g fire alarm)
  • Leather / Plastic Strap Test
  • Printed Circuit Board Test
  • Sealant Tape Test
  • Automotive and Communication Printed Circuit Board Qualification Services
  • Railway and Automotive Electronics Test Service


  • Carbon and Sulfur Test
  • Chemical Composition Test for Alloys
  • EMC Test
  • Environmental Test
  • Material Properties Test
  • Mechanical Test
  • Nickel Release Test
  • Optical and Electric Test
  • Plating Thickness Test
  • Surface Examination
  • Thermal Property Test

3. Durability and reliability tests

  • Using our equipment, we can provide durability and reliability tests under most of the environmental conditions, including high/low temperature, humidity, thermal shock, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility, salt spray corrosion, dust, condense water and rain water splash testing.
  • With our high speed and high resolution data logging system, by connecting to different types of sensors, we are able to collect multi channel test data as well as to process and analyze the data in many different ways.
  • Furthermore, our test lab has equipped with a vehicle lifter. The automotive parts can be practically installed onto the vehicle, to perform data acquisition and to conduct a test.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
Emission Testing on vehicle
Emission Testing on vehicle
Emission Testing on stationary engine
Emission Testing on stationary engine
Vehicle Stationary Noise Test
Vehicle Stationary Noise Test
Durability and reliability tests
Durability and reliability tests
Durability and reliability tests
Durability and reliability tests