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A Multi-national Company (MNC) qualified HKPC Reliability Testing Centre as their only independent Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Testing Centre in Asia.

Name of the Client

Multi-national Computer Server Company (MNC)

Client's Profile

The Client is one of the biggest Multi-national Computer Server Companies 

Client's Needs

The Client wants to appoint an independent PCB testing laboratory in Asia to help them qualifying their new PCB suppliers in the Asia region in order to save the time and cost of testing 

Our Solutions

A series of correlation test was conducted and submitted to this MNC’s laboratory in the USA for demonstrating our Centre’s expertise and capabilities in PCB testing. The MNC was satisfied with the overall results after a one-year long continual assessment.

The Centre was then appointed by this MNC as its first independent PCB testing laboratory in Asia to conduct stringent PCB tests which are required by high precision electronic equipment such as high-end computer server.

Value Created

With the qualified Centre here in HKPC, local PCB manufacturers and suppliers of the MNC can significantly save money and time for conducting tests which are otherwise available overseas. 

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