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To assist a local mould and die manufacturer to achieve VDA 6.4:2005 Automotive Tooling Quality Management System for entering into international automotive tooling industry

Name of the Client

Hongrita Mold (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 

Client's Profile

Hongrita Group specializes in precision plastic injection molds and plastic products manufacturing. They serve various industries including Automotive, Medical,  Packaging, Electronics and Household Appliances 

Client's Needs
  • VDA 6.4:2005 is the industry recognized automotive tooling quality management system for those enterprises who would like to engage into this technical demanding tooling industry.
  • Hongrita needed to benchmark with this standard to further enhance their tooling quality & productivity, as well as overall operation management system in compliance with VDA 6.4 and hence entering into a higher value-added automotive tooling industry with this industry official credential.
Our Solutions
  • In order to help Hongrita to meet the automotive tooling quality management system on the road to VDA 6.4 certification, HKPC provided a series of training on VDA 6.4 requirements, Key performance measurement (KPM), tooling industry specific requirements, audit requirements, etc. in order to transfer the expertise and proficiency on implementing VDA 6.4.
  • Subsequently, HKPC assisted Hongrita to establish the VDA 6.4 quality management system with complying with all the essential technical and managerial elements of VDA 6.4 requirements including specific tooling requirements of international automotive manufacturers.
  • Upon completion of human resource and system deployment, HKPC assisted Hongrita to successfully go through the VDA 6.4 certification audit conducted by international recognized certification body and towards the achievement of the first VDA 6.4 Certification in Hong Kong.
Value Created
  • By successfully implementing the VDA 6.4, Hongrita becomes the first certified automotive tooling manufacturer in Hong Kong engaging in the international automotive tooling business along the supply chain with this credential.
  • By demonstrating the best practice in the industry, Hongrita can significantly enhance the overall operation management system in benchmarking with VDA 6.4 together with the quality & productivity of their fabricated tooling.