Textile & Apparel

Textile & Apparel Testing Service Centre provides various testing and consultancy services to assist customers to respond to ever-changing market and regulatory requirements, helping them to enhance competitiveness and maintain creditbility with buyers and consumers.

Testing Services
  • Product Testing Protocol Development
  • Test protocol development based on characteristics of product and related laws/regulations
  • Test package design
  • Test Methods and Standards Development
  • Test method development
  • Test instrument development
  • Test standard development
  • Quality Evaluation and Quality Manual
  • New product quality evaluation
  • Quality manual development
  • Trouble-shooting and Total Solution
  • Trouble-shooting on defective products
  • Total solution for defective products
  • Quick Testing Service
  • Dimensional stability tests
  • Colour fastness tests
  • Physical property tests
  • Other in-house tests
Instrument of Textile Testing
ICI/M & S 起球及勾絲測試儀 SDL Atlas M227
紗線捻度儀 SDL Atlas Y220B
起球觀測儀 SDL Atlas PAV
噴淋式拒水性能測試儀 SDL Atlas M232
摩擦色牢度測試儀 SDL Atlas M238AA
折皺回復性測儀 SDL Atlas M272
Shirley 捲曲測試儀 SDL Atlas M004
汗漬色牢度測試儀 SDL Atlas M231
Verivide 配色箱 Verivide CA160

Textile & Apparel Testing
Textile & Apparel Testing